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تــــعلن شركة العرب للدفع الألكتروني عن تــوفر درجة وظيفية

تــــعلن شركة العرب للدفع الألكتروني عن تــوفر درجة وظيفية باختصاص

مــهندس شــبكات، فــعلى من تتــوفر لديه المؤهـلات ادناه تقديم سيرته الذاتية عــلى عــنوان البريد الالكتروني jobs@aps.iq

We are seeking a mid-career IT specialist to join our IT team and who can fit the following requirements:-

1- At least two years of experience in Cisco Devices.

2- IT Certifications: CCNA at least.

3- Locality: Baghdad

4- Language: Arabic (Mother's tongue), English (Work Proficiency)

5- University Qualification: any Bachelor's degree in any field in computer engineering, Information Technology or computer science.

6- Full-Time Job

7- Personal Skills: Good team player with good communication skills, motivated, and have the ability to work under pressure.
Interested Candidates can send their CV to:-

The subject should be: Network admin
Please if your field/experience/knowledge doesn't meet the requirement do not send your CV.
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