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مطلوب موظف IT
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Vacancy of Information Technologies Specialist minimum experience 3 years.
Main duties and responsibilities as below:
1. Installation of devices under the responsibility of the Information Technologies in new store openings.
2. Providing remote technical support service to the his/her country and other countries. (Cash register, handheld terminal, computer), Ensuring the work ability of IT materials, ensuring that the sales does not stop in the store. (7/24 support)
3. Giving support to computers of office staff and local field personnel in his/her country with the guidance of the team in the Head Office.
4. Establishment of cash register systems and the infrastructure in new store openings.
5. Ensuring that the actions such as discount, campaign, etc. defined in the Head Office are applied to the store and function properly technically and transferred to the store's cash register.
6. Disassembling the installed devices in the store closure again, maintaining them to be used in the next store and transmitting them to the relevant place.
7. Giving necessary training to the store employees about the cash register systems.
8. Tracking of inventory and stock of purchased devices.
9. Assisting the purchasing department during the purchase of the devices to be purchased and determined by the central team.
10.Local purchasing of related IT materials and follow-up of their warranty.
11.Giving support during the working hours of the store, in emergency cases, including weekend and public holidays.
12.Concluding the demands coming to the Helpdesk system in the determined solution times.
13.Transmitting the problems concerning the IT department in the field to the head office. Managing the process between the store and the head office by communicating the problems encountered by the end user on the system to the relevant departments in the central information processing.

Please who find him self fits to this role please send your CV at

Our company location:
Baghdad - Almansour , 14 Ramadan St.

Working hours from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM.