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An International Company is seeking for #HRSupervisor

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Dear #HR ian’s
An International Company is seeking for #HRSupervisor


1.Bachelor degree or above,Human Resources Management Related Specialty

2.Skill requirement: Coordination, Time Management, Systematic Thinking, Data Analysis, Office Software

3.Experience in human resources related work for more than 3 years
4.Certificate of Human Resource Management and Psychological Consultant.
6. Language: Kurdish must, Arabic and English

Job description:

1. Job preparation planning: according to the general manager's instructions, state the organizational structure and job settings of the enterprise, coordinate and sort out job description, job qualification requirements, etc.
2. Personnel allocation planning: monitoring the number of employees, personnel changes and vacancies in various positions of enterprises;
3. Personnel requirement planning: through the general instructions of superiors and the preparation of plans.
4. Personnel supply planning: formulate supply mode, internal and external mobility policy, access to personnel and implementation plan according to demand;
5. Training development planning: organization and coordination of training content, training form, training assessment, etc.

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