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Job Title: PS Core Sr. Expert Job Location: Sulaimaniyah

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Job Announcement

Job Title: PS Core Sr. Expert Job Location: Sulaimaniyah

Purpose of the position:

To monitor, analyse & report on PS Core KPIs/SQls and work with stakeholders within technology to improve Data Services delivery

Responsibilities & Duties:

- Constant auditing of all PS Core NE

- Monitor License usage

- Monitor interfaces, ports, links

- Perform Benchmarking

- Ensure congestion-free PS Core network

- Daily, weekly and monthly SQI, Capacity and Utilization reports

- Daily dashboard preparation and reporting

- Assess network changes and impact on end-user

- Hardware & software are updated

- Insure PS systems are properly dimensioned

- PS core systems are regularly backup

- Insure e2e visibility of PS core systems

- Follow up on the Job Order implementation

- Recommend and test the required features to enhance the data service experience

- Ensure the E2E data services availability

- Track and report issues in the PS Core network

- Fetch and perform deep analysis on Service level Quality Indicators and KQVKPIs and identifying bad performing 2G/3G/4G KQVKP1s

Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor degree in Communication engineer

Work experience & Skills:

Strong working knowledge of 2G/3G/EPC network setup, routing and all type of signalling of PS/EPC interface s like (Gb, luPs, Gn,Gr, Gi, Gx, Gy, Sl, S6a, S5, S8, SGi, SGS etc) Configurations

Huawei PS core operations, Firewall operations, PCRF operations, U2000 management.

FNA, GGC and DNA, operations

PeerApp TIC operations

Strong knowledge of the Mobile network architecture E2E and call flow

Strong knowledge of the UMTS/LTE systems

Proven experience in RAN or Packet core network optimization

Strong knowledge of the Mobile network main KPIs different areas (RAN/Core.)

Strong knowledge of 2G & 3G data network systems

Language skills (English, Arabic)

Computer skills (Microsoft office-Power Point, Excel...).

Minimum of 8 years' experience in related function.

For Applying, please send CV to